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The New York Blower Company (nyb) has been a turn-key provider of catalog and industrial custom fans, blowers and ventilation systems since 1889.  We provide the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, repair and rebuild of nyb and competitor products. We are constantly expanding, with a worldwide presence of over 200 representatives, and the opening of our fifth manufacturing facility in the US in 2022.

Our extensive range of fans and industrial blowers can be designed to meet special requirements, such as temperatures to 1300° F., pressures to 85" WG and flows to 350,000 CFM. A variety of materials of construction are available for your industrial air blower, including fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel and hot-dip galvanizing, along with numerous special coatings.

Our product lines are conveniently organized in major product groupings to assist you in identifying the best industrial fan for your system. You can learn more about our products by selecting one of the groups on the left menu of this page. If you know the name of the NYB industrial air blowers or fan you desire, click on the name below.


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Direct Drive Vaneaxial Fixed Pitch Fan

Inline Fans

Inline Fans are designed to move flow efficiently through a system in a parallel direction.

Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fans are designed to accommodate airstreams ranging from clean air to bulk material handling applications.

Custom Fans

NYB can design and manufacture fans to meet our customers’ specifications.

Centrifugal Ventilators

Centrifugal ventilator fans combine heavy-gauge, industrial construction with the convenience and economy of a package design.

Axial Ventilators

NYB offers three different axial ventilator product options designed to accommodate a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Plenums and DWDIs

Plenum Fans and Double Width Fans are designed for applications in commercial air-handling systems and pressurized plenums.

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Fans

FRP fans offer the utmost in corrosive gas-stream handling flexibility. They are the ideal solution for corrosive applications.

Process Heat/Plug Fans

Process heat fans are designed for applications in industrial and commercial plenum systems such as ovens, dryers, heaters and freezers.

Fan Components

NYB provides air-handling equipment to original equipment manufacturers to meet a full range of airflow and pressure requirements.

Silencers / Flex Connectors

NYB offers a wide variety of silencer solutions and flex connectors for its fans and blowers.

Steam Coil Products

Both product lines for steam coil products are designed for continuous operation in an industrial environment.

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