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Custom Heavy Duty Fans & Blowers

The New York Blower Company is a full service fan manufacturer offering a complete array of centrifugal and axial products. These range from standard, predesigned fans to highly customized products. The New York Blower Company excels at designing and constructing fans for corrosive, abrasive and high temperature applications (beyond 1800°F.). In addition, we can modify fans to meet specific application needs such as zero leakage construction, abrupt temperature change, cyclical speed changes and more.

The New York Blower Company follows a custom in-house Quality Control program proven efficient through years of experience. AWS D14.6 certified welders and documented weld procedures are used on all New York Blower Company fans, not just when specified by customers. NDT checks such as dye penetrant, mag particle, x-ray, ultrasonic and Helium spectrometer leak tests are routinely performed by both inhouse personnel and independent testing services. Fan construction includes mild steel, high strength alloy steels, aluminum, 300 series stainless steels,
Inconel, incoloy, hastalloy, titanium and other exotic alloys. Special coatings consist of baked phenolics, epoxys and rubber linings.

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Wheel Design: Airfoil Backward Curve BI Single Thickness Radial Radial Tip
Wheel Design

backward inclined high pressure airfoil wheel designAirfoil: Wheels best suited for applications requiring high capacity, high efficiency, and high pressures. 

high efficiency backward curved wheel designBackward Curved: High-efficiency wheels best suited for slightly contaminated gas streams.

backward inclined single thickness wheel designBackward Inclined – Single Thickness: Flat, single-thickness blade surface best suited for airstreams with light material.

modial modified wheel designRadial - Modified: High-efficiency radial wheel with curved blades and a tapered frontplate used for airstreams with moderate dust loads.

 radial tip wheel designRadial Tip: Wheel designed for medium volume, higher pressure material handling applications.

Design Features:

VOLUME - over 1,000,000 CFM (1,699,010 m3/hr)
PRESSURES - beyond 150"WG (37,400 Pa)
TEMPERATURES - standard up to 1,800°F (983°C)
CENTRIFUGAL WHEEL SIZES - up to and above 150" (3810mm)

Available Materials of Construction:

Mild steel
High strength alloy steels
300 Series SST

Product Bulletin: Custom Products and Services Guide
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