Testing Capabilities

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In 2014, our laboratory in La Porte, Indiana was completely renovated to allow for expanded testing capabilities. It allows us to test any manufacturer’s fan assembly for a variety of needs and requirements. Tests following AMCA guidelines are routinely done on new designs or specific jobs for performance sound and vibration verification. In addition to the six airflow test chambers and two reverberant sound rooms, some other features include:

  • Flows to 130,000 CFM
  • Pressures to 100” SP
  • Horsepowers to 500 bhp
  • 6 Airflow Test Chambers (4 Figure 12 and 2 Figure 15)

Two Sound Rooms

  • 15,000 ft³
  • 44,000 ft³
  • Ability to operate 230/460/575v
  • Accommodates simultaneous air tests
  • Induced draft and forced draft test capability

Fans larger in physical size, flows and pressures that can't be tested in our AMCA certified lab, are mechanical, aerodynamic and sound tested to ISO, AMCA or ANSI standards using ducts at our new facility in New Castle, PA USA. Additional information can be found under our Testing tab.

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