For a comprehensive overview of the most common laboratory tests requested, see Why Industrial Fans Should be Tested Prior to Installation

Industrial fan deployments are complex, and every project faces unique challenges. In addition, the wide variety of punishing industrial environments introduce variables like high temperatures, high humidity, heavy dust loads, and certain sound environments that can affect the safety, performance and reliability of air moving equipment over time. Rigorous laboratory testing verifies a fan’s performance characteristics before it leaves the factory, helping to ensure the long-term success of the project and the reduction of unexpected maintenance and costly downtime. Therefore, it is critical to partner with an industrial fan manufacturer that is committed to quality assurance best practices and whose pre-deployment testing protocols meet AMCA standards for performance testing.

With the completion of the new laboratory in 2015, New York Blower has significantly expanded its air and sound testing capabilities. The new, state of the art facility contains six airflow test chambers of various flow and pressure capabilities and two reverberant sound rooms. The facility will be used for research and development, training and hosting customers to experience testing of their fans before field installation. The AMCA accredited laboratory complies with AMCA standards, where applicable.

The Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) is an international third-party organization that fan equipment manufacturers can use to substantiate published data points for their products’ performance. A product is certified by AMCA when the data published by the manufacturer is within a certain tolerance of the data collected from a test conducted independently by AMCA. The product rating requirements and rating method details are found in AMCA Publication 211, Certified Ratings Program - Product Ratings Manual for Fan Air Performance. In addition, AMCA tests can establish or certify ratings in accordance with applicable ISO, ANSI, ASHRAE, AHRI, or other national standards. 

AMCA certification offers assurance that the fan’s performance aligns with what is cataloged. End users can rest assured that they have selected the most efficient fan for their performance criteria. nyb has multiple product lines certified by AMCA. To see a complete list, visit AMCA's certified products list.

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Virtual Witness Testing

Virtual witness testing is a safe way to view air, sound, and vibration performance tests streamed live and recorded for future reference.

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Destruction Testing

Testing is done in a horizontal shafted evacuated sealed 1-½” thick steel enclosure.

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Environmental Testing

NYB tests paint samples in our fog chamber in accordance with ASTM B 117 for 100 hours.

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Leakage Testing

NYB can provide leakage testing on fan assemblies that require low or zero leak performance.

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Overspeed Testing

Overspeed testing of the rotor ensures the safety and longevity of the fan by testing the critical component at a higher speed than it would encounter during normal operation.

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Material Certification

NYB can certify and provide documentation through the use of Certified Mill Test Reports on all materials and hardware.

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Mechanical Run Tests

This test goes beyond standard fan vibration testing by running the fan long enough to stabilize fan bearing temperatures to +/- 3° F and then checking fan vibration levels.

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Temperature Testing

Temperature testing is essential for testing fans that will deployed in applications where the equipment will be exposed to high heat, even for short periods of time.

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Stress Analysis

To achieve the highest level of performance and safety standards possible, it is essential to test and determine the maximum stress levels a fan can withstand.

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Vibration Testing

Testing can be run for fans up to 500 horsepower motors at 460 voltage.

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Weld Documentation

Our welders are qualified to AWS and ASME standards.

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Wheel Balancing

At nyb we perform a series of tests to ensure optimal wheel balance in each of our fans.

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Shaft Run Out Verification

Shafts are rotated on centers and run out is measure in several key locations. Reports are provided with measurements.

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Barcol Hardness Testing

Utilizing a Barcol Impressor, components of FRP products are checked for hardness and degree of cure.

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Modal Analysis

By analyzing performance under different operating conditions, fans can be tested to be sure they meet the system requirements.

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Impact Testing

Impact testing can be done in two ways.

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NDE Weld Analysis

In-house visual weld inspection is available by Certified Weld Inspectors (CWI).

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Wheel Deconstruction

These over-speed tests are imperative to finding solutions for customers who need high performance wheels with durability they can trust.

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Positive Material Identification (PMI)

NYB can provide in-house PMI (Positive Material Identification) testing on all non-Carbon Steel Alloys ...

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Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

While performance, durability, and quality are of the upmost importance, so is energy-efficiency.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

CFD testing is utilized by nyb to better visualize the natural air-flow within our fans.

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Product Evaluation

NYB has an advanced research and development team dedicated to improving current product designs...

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Safety Equipment

NYB offers a full line of guards specifically designed to assist the user in providing a better environment for employees in compliance with OSHA requirements.

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