Replacement Parts

Replacement parts can be ordered online, by phone, or via email. You will need to reference the file number when ordering. Instructions on how to find the file number are listed below.

ONLINE- The following replacement parts are available to order online shipping within the US only: drive components, bearings, filters, and motors. To purchase these parts online, click here.

PHONE- All replacement parts can be ordered directly by calling your local representative or calling one of our Aftermarket Sales Team members at 844-692-7375.

EMAIL- Use the form located at the bottom of the page to email your request. A representative will contact you within 48 hours.

Some replacement parts that are offered are:

  • Housing
  • Inlet Cone
  • Inlet Assembly
  • Wheels
  • Shaft
  • Bearings
  • Motor
  • Safety Equipment

How to Locate File Numbers on Nameplates

Please note that all NYB products include a nameplate that displays details of the fan at the time of its manufacture. Nameplates are typically located on the fan's bearing pedestal (or on the housing side if no pedestal is part of the design). A nameplate includes a "Shop Number" which is in essence the serial number of the fan. 

New namplate design (orders shipped since January 2013)

 New Nameplate

Old nameplate design (orders shipped prior to January 2013)

 Old nameplate design (orders shipped prior to January 2013)


Old nameplate design (orders shipped prior to March 2001)

Old nameplate design (orders shipped prior to March 2001)

To request NYB replacement parts, please fill out the form below. For a faster response, include the shop number in your request.

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