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As fans operate, wear and damage occurs, debris build up can cause imbalances and fan efficiencies start to decline. System requirements may change over time, or application specifications can vary from original use. Our field technicians can examine the operating conditions, and use insights from current fan performance to offer design and material modifications or enhancements that will actually improve fan performance and extend the life of the fan. Some common fan problems include erosion, corrosion, and temperature extremes.

Some benefits of upgrading existing equipment are:

  • Maximized ROI for OEM equipment life cycle costs
  • "Better than new" reliability
  • Improved efficiency/reduced energy costs
  • Rapid adaptation for new production demands

Some common upgraded design enhancements include:

  • Backspin devices
  • Motors and drives inlcuding steam turbines, hydraulic motors, VFD's (variable frequency drives), special couplings
  • Special guards (shaft, bearing and belt guards)
  • Modified inspection doors/access doors with a range of securing hardware choices
  • Special motor pedestal platforms
  • Special construction - Spark resistant construction, high temperature alloys
  • Dampers - we design and build manual/electrical/pneumatically controlled dampers, including radial inlet, louvered outlet, guilotine/isolation (AVD) and vortex dampers
  • The addition of fan monitoring devices or systems, connected to AI through the IIoT (industrial internet of things). Learn more.

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