Fan Sensor Systems

With advances in technology comes easier and more convenient ways to monitor machinery. We understand the importance of keeping machines healthy and running, and as such are now offering controllers and sensors for fans to help collect data that can be used for operational monitoring, maintenance planning and failure analysis. These products fall into our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensor systems.

There are several fan sensors to choose from, all of which could contribute to some of the benefits below. Mechanical sensors are used to take vibration readings, or measure temperature and speed of the motor, bearings and drives. For air monitoring within the fan, particle sensors can monitor the amount of dirt and dust, while humidity sensors measure moisture. Current and voltage sensors also allow for continuous monitoring of power input to allow AI software to make adjustments for optimal power usage. 

There are a few different options for machine to machine (M2M) interfacing, and we will continue to expand our offerings based on customer requirements. If you are interested in purchasing a monitoring device for your fan, or would like to learn more information, please contact your local sales representative

Read more about IoT incorporation into fan technology, read an article written by Steve Back, Vice President - Aftermarket.


Benefits of using fan sensor systems include:

  • Ensure health and safety of personnel
  • Reduction in operating expenses (less personnel/maintenance)
  • Remote operators can monitor multiple units/locations (less travel/exposure)
  • Maximizing efficiency and output
  • Minimizing power usage/energy costs
  • Minimizes unpredictable downtime and lost production time
  • Addresses limits to optimization potential
  • Increases longevity of machinery



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