Process Heat & Plug Fans

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Combustion Air Blowers

Pushing or pulling air through heating coils or across any other type of heater is a primary function of fans. Combustion air blowers for boilers and process heaters require pulsation-free stable airflow to keep the burner controls constant. Oven and furnace fans require a long life with special attention to bearing life and mechanical reliability. Boiler applications, fired heaters and dryers for chemical process installations all require the same reliability. These are critical applications of NYB products. NYB knows how to provide the right process heat or plug fans to complete your application.

Plug Fans and Air Kits (Process Heat Fans)Max CFMMax SP (in wg)Max Temp (F)
Air Kits 100,000 6 1,000
Plug Fans 125,000 20 1,300

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