Inline Axial Fans

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Industrial Inline Exhaust Fans

For the past decade, we have been focused on continually expanding our axial product line. Our most recent expansions are to the Vaneaxial Fans, which can be designed with reduced solidity (6 blades instead of 12), an adjustable pitch design (adjustments can be made to blade angles at rest), and multiple hub-to-blade ratios for increased performance and selection flexibility. Our online selection software automatically will select the most efficient fan for your specific application requirements.

Inline Axial Fans - Axial fans are used in process applications where space is at a premium. Air flows through fans parallel to the shaft moving outward in the same direction it flowed inward (axially). These industrial inline exhaust fans are used for creating a high volume of airflow in lower pressure applications.

Some typical applications for Inline axial fans include air-assist flares, combustion air, mining, transportation, pulp/paper, and process supply/exhaust.  

High-temperature axial furnace fans are also available to be customized per application. Click here for more information.

Inline Axial Fan Options 

 Max CFMMax SP (in wg)Max Temp (F)
Duct Fans 60,000 2 350
Industrial Duct Fans 42,000 2 1/2 375
Tubeaxial Fans 86,000 3 200
Vaneaxial Fans 100,000 5 200
Vaneaxial Fixed Pitch Fans 100,000 8 200
Direct Drive Vaneaxial Fixed Pitch Fans 100,000 8 105
Vaneaxial Adjustable Pitch Fans 120,000 20 120
Tubular Centrifugal™ 140,000 14 200
Propeller Fans (Belt and Direct Drive) 117,800 3/4 105

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