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As a high pressure vaneaxial fan manufacturer, our NYB Vaneaxial Fans are designed for high-pressure ventilation and industrial-process applications where axial flow is desirable and space is at a premium. Uses include heat, smoke and fume removal, process drying, comfort and process cooling and general ventilation.

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Wheel Design: Axial - Airfoil
Wheel Design

axial airfoil wheel design

Axial- Airfoil: Cast-aluminum airfoil wheels are designed to optimize operating efficiency by adjusting the shape, number, and pitch of blades with hub diameters.

Design Features:

VOLUME - to 100,000 CFM (170,000 m3/hr)

PRESSURES - to 5" WG (1,250 Pa)

TEMPERATURES - to 200°F (90°C)

13 BELT-DRIVE SIZES - 12"- 60" (305mm-1,524mm)

10 DIRECT-DRIVE SIZES 18"- 60" (457mm-1,524mm)

ARRANGEMENTS - 4M, 4V, 4S, 4D, 4R, 9M, 9V, 9S, 9D, 9R

Available Materials of Construction:

Carbon Steel

Product Bulletin: Vaneaxial Fans (671)
Guide Specifications: Specifying Belt Drive Vaneaxial Fans (GS-675) Specifying Direct Drive Vaneaxial Fans (GS-676)
Engineering Supplements: Silencers for Axial Fans (ES-673) Axial Fans Drive Centers (ES-674)
Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual: IM-120
Material Specifications: Vaneaxial Fans - DIM
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