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The Industrial Duct Fan is a completely new belt driven product line is designed with short, compact housing to accommodate tight installation requirements and includes an aerodynamic belt-well for high efficiency operation. To increase selection flexibility, the Industrial Duct Fan utilizes (3) wheel designs. All wheels are located on the discharge side of the fan which pulls clean, ambient air through the belt-well/inner bearing tube allowing for operation in high moisture environments with gastream temperatures up to 375°F. 

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Wheel Design: Axial - Single Thickness
Wheel Design

MPC-STL: Multi-piece Cast Aluminum Airfoil Design with operations to 375°F

OPC-ALM: One-piece Cast Aluminum Airfoil Design with operations to 200°F

STF/STO-ALM: Steel Fabricated Design with operations to 375°F

      wheel design                                                 



Design Features:

VOLUME - to 42,000 CFM (71,360 m3/hr)

PRESSURES - to 2-1/2" WG (622 Pa)


10 BELT-DRIVE SIZES - 12"- 48" (305mm-1,219mm)

ARRANGEMENTS -  9M, 9V, 9S, 9D, 

Available Materials of Construction:

Carbon Steel

Product Bulletin: Industrial Duct Fans (65001)
Guide Specifications: Specifying Arr-9 Belt Drive Industrial Duct Fans (GS-655)
Engineering Supplements: Silencers for Axial Fans (ES-673) Industrial Duct Fan Arr-9 V-Belt Minimum-Maximum Center-to-Center Distances (ES-676)
Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual: IM-120
Material Specifications: Industrial Duct Fan Material Specifications
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