Axial Fan Arrangements

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Standard Axial Arrangements

Arrangements #4-M and 9-M 
with mounting legs:

Fabricated mounting legs facilitate fan mounting on the floor ceiling, or in a vertical position on a wall. Flange connections are standard.

axial fan arrangements mounting legs

Arrangements #4-V and 9-V 
for vertical mounting:

Fans are equipped with four mounting brackets suitable for floor, platform, or ceiling mounting. Motor is located on centerline between two of the four brackets on Arrangement 9. Flange connections are standard.

axial fan application arrangements  vertical mounting

Arrangements #4-S and 9-S 
for suspended mounting:

Fans for suspended mounting are equipped with side supports suitable for attachment to rods hung from the ceiling structure. Flange connections are standard.

axial fan arrangement  suspended mounting

Arrangements #4-D and 9-D for duct mounting:
Units feature flanges on inlet and discharge for mounting to the duct work.

duct mounting

Arrangement #4-R and 9-R for roof mounting:
Axial fans are available packaged with stack hoods and curb caps for outdoor exhaust applications. Arrangement 9 units also feature weather covers. Roof-mounted units have round collars extending below the curb caps for easy connection to the duct system.

roof mounting

Custom Axial Arrangements

custom axial fan arrangements


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