Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Fans

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Nitrogen oxides (NOx) abatement systems are necessary in applications that result in having higher levels of NOx to help reduce the pollutant, therefore diminishing the amount of SMOG and decreasing the harmful effects on the environment. Selective catalytic reduction, or SCR, is a process where a catalyst is added to nitrogen oxide (NO) gas via ammonia injection to convert it into diatomic nitrogen (N2) and water (H20). Fans are used in this processes to supply air flow through the ammonia injection skid.

New York Blower fans can be integrated into a system to produce a customized emissions management solution that adheres to stringent energy and environmental standards. By customizing fans to the application, common problems such as bearing failure, unreliable performance, and high maintenance costs are avoided.

Design Features:

Peak Reliability
Custom-Designed Tunnel Bearing Unit to Avoid Excessive Vbration Issues
Temperatures Ranging from Ambient to Over 900°F (482°C)
Minimal Leakage Shaft Seal
Retrofits- Fans Redesigned to Improve Mechanical Reliability of SCR Systems

Available Materials of Construction:

SST Alloys
Mild Steel

Applications :

Gas Fired Power Plants
Ammonia Injection Skids
Coal-Fired Power Plants
Natural Gas
Biomass/Biological Fuels
Petrochemical Processing
Oil and Gas Fired Boilers
Lime Kilns
Utility Boilers
Internal Combustion Engines
Gas Turbines

Fan Designs:

High Pressure Backward Inclined Fans
Backward Inclined Single Width Fans Class 1-3
Backward Inclined Single Width Fans Class 4
Open Wheel Style Pressure Blowers
BC Pressure Blowers
BC Fans
RTS Fans
Series 60 Fans

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