Backward Inclined Single Width Class 1-3 Fans

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NYB Single-Width Fans feature three types of backward inclined wheels for maximum selection flexibility and optimum performance: AcoustaFoil® wheels with airfoil blades for highest efficiency in clean, dry airstreams, PLR wheels with flat, single-thickness blades for best performance in moist or mildly contaminated airstreams, and BC wheels with curved, single-thickness blades for good performance in moist airstreams. Call today for details on our SWSI Backward Inclined Single Width Fans Type 1-3.

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Wheel Design: Backward Inclined-Airfoil
Backward Inclined-Curved Blade
Backward Inclined-Single Thickness
Wheel Design

backward inclined airfoil wheel design

Backward Inclined- Airfoil: Aerodynamic airfoil-blade is the most efficient design with the lowest sound levels for clean air applications.

Backward Inclined- Curved Blade: Curved, single-thickness blade is ideal for high volume, low pressure applications.





backward inclined single thickness wheel design

Backward Inclined – Single Thickness: Flat, single-thickness blade surface best suited for airstreams with light material.  

Design Features:

VOLUME - to 200,000 CFM (340,000 m3/hr)

PRESSURES - to 14" WG (3,490 Pa)

TEMPERATURES - to 650°F (343°C)

16 SIZES - 12"-73" (305mm-1,855mm)

ARRANGEMENTS - 1, 3, 4, 4F, 4H, 4V, 8, 9, 10

AMCA Classes 1,2,3 (see also Class 4)

Available Materials of Construction:

Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Special Alloys

Product Bulletin: Single-Width Fans with AcoustaFoil/BC/PLR Wheels (131) SWSI Fans, Size 80 and 89 (CS-137)
Guide Specifications: Specifying Single-Width AcoustaFoil Fans with Backward Curved Wheels (GS-131) Specifying Single-Width AcoustaFoil Fans (GS-132) Specifying Single-Width PLR Fans (GS-134)
Engineering Supplements: Arranagement 9 Belt Centers (ES-133) SST AcoustaFoil Wheels (ES-135) Internal Inlet Damper Performance Characteristics (ES-721)
Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manual: IM-100
Material Specifications: SWSI_Dims.pdf SWSI_Arr-4_Dims.pdf SWSI_Size80-89_Dims.pdf
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