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NYB offers the most complete line of industrial high-pressure blower models and high capacity products on the market. The type of industrial high-pressure blower selected will depend on the system requirements and temperature specifications. Some high-pressure applications where our range of pressure blowers are ideal include pneumatic-conveying, combustion, and gas-handling systems. Pressure Blowers with open style steel wheels can also be used in systems handling, smoke, gases, or light non-abrasive dust.


Wheel Design:

Open Radial

Wheel Design

open radial wheel design

Open Radial: Straight radial wheel is ideal for both clean air and material handling applications.

Design Features:

VOLUME - to 80,000 CFM (135,920 m3/hr)
PRESSURES - to 128" WG (31,880 Pa)
TEMPERATURES - to 600°F (315°C)
DRIVE - Belt and Direct

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