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A Company That Looks To The Future - Over 125 Years and Counting

New York Blower (nyb) is a company with a long history of success etched in the best tradition of the American free-enterprise system. Spanning the decades from 1889, we have experienced remarkable growth and have played an active role in leading the entire air-movement industry forward. We are committed to total customer satisfaction through continuous improvements to our product offering.

Today, nyb is a dynamic, modern company that fosters a forward-thinking attitude and always looks to the future.





Legacy Brands

2014 - J.P. America

J.P. America is acquired by nyb. They are a global manufacturer of silencers, dampers, flexible connectors, rainhoods and sound enclosurers. This allows expedited service of these products to nyb's customers. 

2014 - Windsor Engineering Group PTY LTD

In 2014, nyb partnered with its long standing licensee in New Zealand, Windsor Engineering Group PTY LTD, and engineering firm providing air moving solution in New Zealand and lumber drying kilns throughout the world.

2012 - Air Trade Systems LTD

In 2012, nyb partnered with its longstanding licensee in Singapore, Air Trade Systems, LTD, a manufacturer of heavy duty fans focusing on the marine industries.

2009 - MAS Air Systems, LLC

MAS Air further expanded the nyb product offering, specializing in high temperature fan applications and mechanical draft fans for heavy process industrial applications. Their facility in New Castle is now the fourth nyb production facility located in the United States.

2008 - Alphair Ventilating Systems, Inc.

Alphair added to nyb's process fan portfolio with their heavy-duty axial and centrifugal fan lines, mostly sold to industrial sectors like mining, pulp and paper, ultilities, power generation, and cement, steel, and petrochemical production.

2003- TLT Babcock, Inc.

TLT Babcock, Inc. specializes in custom engineered blowers specific to electric power generation and pollution control systems. The acquisition allowed nyb to enter into new custom market niches.

1987 - Barron Industries

Barron Industries, a company strong in the service side of the fan industry, is acquired. Its products included fans, dust collectors, dampers, air locks, and their installation.

1972 - CECO

CECO was purchased in 1972 to build gas make up air units. Due to high prices for natural gas in 1975 business declined and CECO was later sold in 1984.

1938 - Mechanovent Corporation

The Mathis Brothers is renamed Mechanovent Corporation, a subsidiary originally used to sell unit ventilators mainly to schools. Today they manufacture quality air-handling equipment for select OEM markets and customers.

1904 - The New York Blower Company

The New York Blower Company, a fan manufacturer founded in 1893, is purchased by the Mathis Brothers, a Chicago sheet metal contractor and purveyor of pneumatic tube systems. Original product offerings included heavy-duty fans, steam engines, and ductwork.

Expansions & New Facilities

2017 - New Castle, Pennsylvania

nyb begins expansion on a new facility in New Castle, Pennsylvania to better focus on serving the heavy industrial fan market. The 30,000 square-foot building is in addition to the existing 15,000 square-foot building right down the road.

2015 - LaPorte, Indiana (Laboratory)

nyb expanded their laboratory air and sound testing capabilities by building a new, state of the art facility. The new facility has six airflow test chambers of various flow and pressure capabilities and two reverberant sound rooms. The laboratory brochure has a complete overview.

2012 - Leitchfield, Kentucky

nyb opens the Leitchfield plant, running in addition to the La Porte and Effingham facility. The plant will help to better serve customers in the Southeast and allow nyb to be more competitive and responsive in the global marketplace.

2001 - Effingham, Illinois

nyb purchases and opens a manufacturing facility in Effingham, IL. The first production facility outside of La Porte, Indiana since 1918.

1979 - Plant 3

Plant 3 is constructed to aid in the manufacturing of larger blowers in LaPorte, Indiana.

Product Lines


nyb introduces the Vaneaxial Adjustable Pitch 0.45 Hub Ratio Fan. The new hub ratio is intended for applications requiring higher flows and lower pressures than the current 0.60 hub radio design. It is also available in half solidity for additional performance flexibility.


nyb introduces the Vaneaxial Adjustable Pitch Reduced Solidity Fan. The addition to the VXAP Fan line utilizes a half solidity wheel (the number of blades is reduced from 12 to 6) to enhance the VXAP's flexibility, making it easier to select the correct fan for your specific application requirements.


nyb introduces the Vaneaxial Adjustable Pitch Fan. The Vaneaxial Adjustable Pitch (VXAP) Fans are designed and constructed for high-pressure applications found in heavy industrial-process applications such as air-assisted flares, combustion air, process supply and exhaust.


nyb adds a Surge Limiting Pressure Blower into it product family. The addition of this fan helps nyb continue to better serve the heavy duty industry a unique wheel and housing design that minimizes surge without the need for auxiliary equipment or accessories.


nyb introduces Vaneaxial Fixed Pitch Fan line. For high-pressure ventilation, nyb Vaneaxial Fixed Pitch (VXFP) Fans are ideal where axial and space is at a premium.


nyb has implemented a new Limited No Fault Warranty for 20 HP and lower motors, purchased and supplied by nyb. This policy covers all claims excluding gross negligence or physical damage to the motor not as a direct result of a manufacturing defect. For more information, please contact your local sales representative.


nyb announces the release of the Open Style Pressure Blower Steel Wheel. They are ideal for efficiently handling material that might otherwise get caught up on a shrouded wheel.


nyb celebrates the 125th Anniversary of the company.


nyb announces the release of the Backward Curved (BC) Pressure Blower. This addition makes NYB's pressure blower line the most complete on the market today.


A new Plenum fan line is introduced, with many new features. The FA/EZ Plenum fans unhoused, compact configuration combined with the choice of four airfoil wheel designs provides the utmost in quiet and efficient operation.


nyb expands high capacity fans line with RTS Fans and AF Fans in larger sizes designed to accommodate greater capacities.


nyb and Mechanovent add a line of Square Fans to the portfolio, further enhancing the position of the company in the air-movement industry.


Three new models of AF Fans are introduced. The AF-30 for pressures to 30" WG, the AF-40 for pressures to 46" WG, and the AF-50 for pressures to 50" WG. 


The first line of fiberglass fans is launched.


nyb introduces its line of Pressure Blowers. They are NYB's most successful product ever.


The Type HP Pressure Blower is designed for pressures to 85" WG, flows to 10,000 CFM, and temperatures to 600°F. The Acoustafoil airfoil blower wheel is also introduced to the market.


nyb launches the standard General Purpose Fan and begins standardization of all product lines.


Comet Steam Unit Heaters with a STEELfin heating element was introduced in 1924. Unit Heaters with STEELfin coils are still in production today.

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