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There are important considerations for fans involved in applications where the safety of the final products can be compromised if the equipment is not sanitary. Depending on the process, there are strict guidelines imposed and inspected by Federal and State officials for food and beverage processing. An example would be the dairy industry; in these processing facilities, bacteria growth is a large concern, so modifications are made to the design of these fans to minimize the risk for contamination.  

By carrying the most comprehensive line of products, NYB is able to engineer individual, customized solutions for any application in food and beverage production. Sanitary fans must adhere to stricter regulations, and are constructed based on the ease of maintenance and accessibility, minimizing potential complications, and performing up to expectations.

Design Features:

Continuous Welding of Airstream
Glass Bead Blast Finish
No Exposed Threads in Airstream
FDA Gasketing at all Airstream Joints
Tri-clamp Drains
FDA White Epoxy on Mild Steel Surfaces
FDA Shaft Seal/Closure
Heavy Duty Construction
Swing Out Construction
Easy Access Construction
Pivoting Motor Bases
Plug Style Fans
Special Vibration Criteria
Heat Fan Construction (to 1300°F)
Spark Resistant Construction

Available Materials of Construction:

Mild Steel
Stainless Steel

Applications :

Spray Booth Exhaust
Oven Exhaust 
Combustion Air
Oven Recirculation
Process Heating

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