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Are you new to industrial fans? This resource center is for you. The three types of industrial fans supplied by nyb, classified by the direction of airflow through the impeller, are axial, centrifugal, and mixed flow fans. Depending on the amount of airflow, pressure and efficiency specified by the application, one of these types will be selected. Axial fans are typically used to move a high volume of air with low pressure.Centrifugal fans are typically used to move a medium volume of air at medium to high pressures. Our fan selection program is available to help direct you to finding the best fan suited for your application. It is always recommended to also talk with one of our experienced representatives about the selection process. Is there something else you have questions about or would like to see? Visit the contact us page.

Resources :

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Fan Basics

  • Fan Laws - explains and gives an example of the three basic fan laws used for fan selection. 
  • Centrifugal Wheel Types - see examples of wheels and learn what types are used in different applications.
  • Centifugal Arrangements - Cataloged and custom centrifugal fan arrangements are illustrated and described.
  • Axial Arrangements - Cataloged and custom axial fan arrangements are illustrated and described.
  • Discharge/Rotation/Motor Positions - Standard fan discharge and rotation, as well as standard motor positions, are described.

Online Resources

  • Fan Selection Tool - best for viewing on a computer, the program allows for a more complex selection and connects with other tools.
  • Fan Selection Tool (simplified) - best for viewing on your mobile device or tablet, the program will show a simplified version for quicker selection.

How to Guides

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