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Our public webinar series will focus on helping attendees understand industrial fan basics. We will cover a variety of topics, ranging from introductory, intermediary and advanced levels based off attendee feedback. Each webinar is worth one PDH (professional development hour). An expert panel will be conducting a Q&A session at the conclusion of each webinar. If you have suggestions for future webinar topics, please contact us or your local representative.


We will resume webinars in the Fall of 2022.


Fan Fundamentals - Intermediary, Module 3 - Noise

  • Understand the calculation procedure for overall sound and frequency weighting
  • Scale sound data to alternate operating conditions
  • Adjust sound data to account for fan configuration in the field
  • Use blade pass frequency and its first harmonic as design criteria in fan selection
  • Understand sound attenuation options to mitigate noise concerns

Presented by: Matt Raymond, P.E., Staff Engineer 

Date: Wed, April 13th 3PM CST

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Beginner's Resources
Engineering Letters

Introduction to Sound

  • Understand the basics of sound and noise
  • Describe the different types of sound and noise
  • Understand how to measure fan noise
  • Differentiate between total pressure and atmospheric pressure
  • Distinguish the different types of acoustic and thermal cladding

Presented by: Brandon Lindmark, Engineer 

Future dates TBD

Aftermarket Retrofits, Repairs and Rebuilds

  • Examples of wear and damage
  • Benefits of upgrading equipment
  • Analysis and information needed about performance
  • Common design enhancements

Presented by Mike Schlemmer, HI Sales Manager - Aftermarket


Future dates TBD

Fan to Size Training

  • Using the Fan Selection Software
  • Functionality of Fan to Size
  • Determining which selection to use
  • Useful Features

Presented by: Mark Bublitz, Vice President of Engineering

Future dates TBD


FEI Overview

  • What FEI is
  • Regulations related to FEI
  • FEI Calculations
  • Other Consideration Factors

Presented by: Mark Bublitz, Vice President of Engineering

Future dates TBD

Fan Fundamentals

  • Fan Laws
  • Fan and Wheel Types
  • Testing and Rating Fans
  • Typical Installations and Applications

Presented by Greg Whittington, Vice President of Sales

Future dates TBD

Beginner's Resources
Engineering Letters

System Effects

  • Application of Fan Laws
  • How to Read a Fan Curve
  • How Ductwork Configurations are Effected by Inlet and Outlet Elbows
  • Comparison of Actual to Cataloged in Situ Performance

Presented by David Maletich, Vice President of Marketing

Future dates TBD

YouTube Video- System Effects Demo
System Effects Engineering Letter

Air and Sound Testing & Lab Capabilities

  • nyb's Lab capabilities
  • Air Testing requirements and process
  • Sound Testing concepts and process
  • AMCA Accreditation - how to test and why it matters

Presented by Aron Reid, Engineer - Laboratory Technologies

Presented on January 27, 2021

Laboratory Capabilities
Virtual Witness Testing
Industrial Fan Testing


Introduction to Sound

  • Sound Basics
  • Measuring Fan Noise
  • Fan Sound Ratings
  • Sound Calculations

Presented by Chadwick Taylor and Brandon Lindmark

Presented on February 24, 2021

Fan Acoustics (EL-12)


Fan Fundamentals - Intermediary, Module 2

  • Energy transfer in centrifugal and axial fans
  • Compressibility definition and calculation procedure
  • Overview of fan affinity laws
  • Dimensionless parameters for determining aerodynamic similarity (Reynolds Number, Mach Number)
  • Dimensionless parameters for assessing the best fan type for an application (Specific Speed, Specific Diameter, Flow Coefficient, Pressure Coefficient)
  • Live Q&A session

Presented by: Matt Raymond, P.E., Staff Engineer 

Presented on February 23, 2022

Beginner's Resources
Engineering Letters


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