Our webinar series will focus on helping attendees understand industrial fan basics. We will cover a variety of topics, ranging from introductory, intermediary and advanced levels. Unless otherwise specified, each webinar is worth one PDH (professional development hour). Webinars will end with an expert panel Q&A. To suggest future webinar topics, please contact us or your local representative.

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Material Selection

In this webinar, we will discuss how materials are selected in fans. The main focus will be on rotating components, but there will be a brief section on static components as well. We will walk through different conditions and topics that should be considered when selecting a material, including material strength, operating temperature, and airstream contents. Examples of applications for certain considerations (high temperature, corrosive airstream, abrasive airstream, etc.) and material cost comparisons will also be discussed.


  • Learn what needs to be known to properly select material for impellers.
  • Learn about the effects of high temperatures on materials.
  • Learn how to account for different types of airstream contents.
  • Obtain a general understanding of material costs and why more expensive materials are sometimes necessary.

 Presented by Sean Graham, Staff Engineer


1:00pm (Central)

Wednesday, November 29th

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