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Our public webinar series will focus on helping attendees understand industrial fan basics. We will cover a variety of topics, ranging from introductory, intermediary and advanced levels based off attendee feedback. Each webinar is worth one PDH (professional development hour). An expert panel will be conducting a Q&A session at the conclusion of each webinar. If you have suggestions for future webinar topics, please contact us or your local representative.



Fan Fundamentals - Beginner, Module 1

  • Fan Laws and Common Calculations
  • Selection Considerations and Calculations
  • Fan Types, Wheels, and Drive Arrangements
  • Selection Exercises/Real World Applications
  • Live Q&A session

Presented by: Brendan Hopp, Technical Support
                       Mike Humann, Director - Products and Applications

Date: Wednesday, January 27th 3PM CST

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Beginner's Resources
Engineering Letters


Fan Fundamentals - Intermediary, Module 2

  • Fan Definitions and key terminology
  • Rotor shapes and performance
  • Selection considerations and calculations
  • Selection exercises/real world applications
  • Live Q&A session

Presented by: Matt Raymond, P.E., Staff Engineer 
                       David Maletich, Director of Marketing

Date: Wednesday, February 23th 3PM CST

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Beginner's Resources
Engineering Letters



Aftermarket Retrofits, Repairs and Rebuilds

  • Examples of wear and damage
  • Benefits of upgrading equipment
  • Analysis and information needed about performance
  • Common design enhancements

Presented by Mike Schlemmer, HI Sales Manager - Aftermarket


Future dates TBD

Fan to Size Training

  • Using the Fan Selection Software
  • Functionality of Fan to Size
  • Determining which selection to use
  • Useful Features

Presented by: Mark Bublitz, Vice President of Engineering

Future dates TBD


FEI Overview

  • What FEI is
  • Regulations related to FEI
  • FEI Calculations
  • Other Consideration Factors

Presented by: Mark Bublitz, Vice President of Engineering

Future dates TBD

Fan Fundamentals

  • Fan Laws
  • Fan and Wheel Types
  • Testing and Rating Fans
  • Typical Installations and Applications

Presented by Greg Whittington, Vice President of Sales

Future dates TBD

Beginner's Resources
Engineering Letters

System Effects

  • Application of Fan Laws
  • How to Read a Fan Curve
  • How Ductwork Configurations are Effected by Inlet and Outlet Elbows
  • Comparison of Actual to Cataloged in Situ Performance

Presented by David Maletich, Vice President of Marketing

Future dates TBD

YouTube Video- System Effects Demo
System Effects Engineering Letter

Air and Sound Testing & Lab Capabilities

  • nyb's Lab capabilities
  • Air Testing requirements and process
  • Sound Testing concepts and process
  • AMCA Accreditation - how to test and why it matters

Presented by Aron Reid, Engineer - Laboratory Technologies

Presented on January 27, 2021

Laboratory Capabilities
Virtual Witness Testing
Industrial Fan Testing


Introduction to Sound

  • Sound Basics
  • Measuring Fan Noise
  • Fan Sound Ratings
  • Sound Calculations

Presented by Chadwick Taylor and Brandon Lindmark

Presented on February 24, 2021

Fan Acoustics (EL-12)


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