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Wastewater Treatment Fans

Municipal and industrial water and wastewater plants require heavy-duty fan equipment for aeration, filter backwash, odor control, air stripper columns, control room HVAC, sludge processing and drying of byproducts before sale.  Sludge processing heaters and dryers require all types of air pollution control fans.  Cyclone separators and traditional baghouse filters are used at material-handling points in the sludge processing plant.  Chlorine systems for both water and wastewater plants use both physical enclosures and chemical absorption devices that require fans for containment of fumes.  NYB fans supplied in alloy and FRP construction are the standards in these applications.

By carrying the most comprehensive line of products, NYB is able to engineer individual, customized solutions for any application in the Water Treatment industry. Our high-quality fans and blowers are the trusted choice in a number of key vertical markets, while also covering a wide spectrum of specific requirements for a variety of niche businesses. See the chart below for typical design features and available materials, or contact us to request a quote for fans for sewage & wastewater treatment.

Design Features:

Vinyl Ester Resin
Polyester Resin
Spark Resistant Construction
Low Leakage Construction
Special Coatings
SST Construction
Aluminum Construction
Material Documentation

Available Materials of Construction:

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
SST Alloys
Aluminum Alloys
Mild Steel

Applications :

Odor Control
Pollution Control

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