Combustion Systems for Iron & Steel Industry

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Furnaces for Iron & Steel Industry

Fans are designed and constructed for metals and mineral systems applications ranging from basic ore production to finished products. The extreme process conditions necessary to produce metal products require rugged and application-specific fans at every stage.  New York Blower offers products for these processes including combustion system fans; pre-heat, waste-gas, and scrubber fans, along with baghouse and fume exhaust fans.  Fans for BOP and BOF scrubbers, steam exhaust systems on quench and caster lines, pickling fume exhaust, and furnaces in re-heat and forge shops are regularly supplied by NYB.

By carrying the most comprehensive line of products, NYB is able to engineer individual, customized solutions for any application in the Iron and Steel industry. Our high-quality fans and blowers are the trusted choice in a number of key vertical markets, while also covering a wide spectrum of specific requirements for a variety of niche businesses. See the chart below for typical design features and available materials, or contact us to request a quote for combustion systems and furnaces.


Design Features:

FRP Construction
Mechanical Draft
High Pressure Capabilities
Fan Designs past 1800°F

Available Materials of Construction:

Special Alloy Construction
SST Alloys
Mild Steel Construction

Applications :

Forced Draft
Induced Draft
Combustion Air
Material Conveying
Lab Hood Exhaust

Fan Designs:

Steel Making
Sintering Plants
Pelletizing Plants
Blast Furnaces
Coke Plants
Dust Collector Fans
Fas Booster Fans
Cooling air Fans
Fume Exhaust Fans
Cold-Reduction Exhaust Fans
EAF Baghouse ID Fans
Annealing Fans
DEC Fans
EAF Fans
Boiler Fans
Combustion Air
Pre-Carbon Fans

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