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In conjunction with facility and staff considered experts in the industry, New York Blower is involved with the following Industrial Ventilation Conferences. These conferences focus on educating individuals in all areas involved with air movement, from experts to novices. Different courses are tailored to individual experience. For more information, click the links below. 


Michigan Industrial Ventilation Conference
February 10-15, 2019
Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI)
For more information, see the Michigan IVC website.

An introductory and two advanced courses are offered,
as well as two additional workshops.

Michigan IVC

North Carolina Industrial Ventilation Conference
May 13-17, 2019
Raleigh, NC
For more information, see the North Carolina IVC website.

There are three levels for this course: Fundamentals, Advanced Design,
and System Diagnosis & Troubleshooting. Optional workshops available.

North Carolina IVC

West Coast Industrial Ventilation Conference
November 4-7, 2019
Santa Ana, CA
For more information, see the West Coast IVC website.

A Fundamentals course is offered, with supplements in
courses such as System Design, Combustible Dust,
and System Airflow Testing Workshop.

West Coast IVC

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