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Customer Portal 

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Now customers can access their fan information from anywhere, with the new Customer Portal or Mobile App. No login is required. To begin using the customer portal, first locate the shop number found on the fan nameplate - examples here. With the shop number, you can access all of your fan information, either from a computer using our customer portal or the app using a mobile device. Additional features will be added to help customers access the information they need quicker and easier.

Functionality includes:

  • Access to all original fan paperwork, including ability to export as a zip file. Includes Certified Drawings, Specifications Sheet, Fan Curves, and Installation & Maintenance Manual
  • Original design specifications, including all fan information and original operating conditions
  • Calculate changes in operating conditions using the Fan Law Calculator
  • Order replacement parts via a direct link to our online ordering system

Access Fan Information via the Mobile App

Functionality includes:

  • All of the same features as the customer portal, but in a user friendly interface
  • A mobile-optimized fan selection program, Fan-to-Size Mobile
  • Ability to bookmark fans for easier reference



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