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Boilers are used in thermal power plants to help facilitate the removal or dispursion of fumes resulting from combustion. Forced draft (FD) fans help to move outside air into the system, whereas induced draft (ID) fans remove air within the system to the outside atmosphere. Both FD and ID fans are used to help the flow of air and gases through the furnace of a boiler system. The biggest advantage using FD fans comes from them supplying more air to the boilers, which increases the heat transfer rate, thereby reducing the size of the boiler resulting in space and energy savings. Due to the corrosive environment, ID fans typically will need to be built to withstand the corrosive and erosive environments.

Steve Back wrote an article on Preventative Maintenance on Boiler Fans. Details are discussed for inspections for aerodynamic and mechanical issues.

A case study is available for Steel Mill Boiler Fan Upgrades, where corrosion complications resulted in rotor failure. The solution was a redesign and change in construction material of the rotor.

Design Features:

Peak reliability
Bearing designed to avoid excessive vibration issues
Temperatures ranging from ambient to over 900°F. (482°C.) 
Minimal leakage shaft seal
Retrofits - fans redesigned to improve mechanical reliability

Available Materials of Construction:

SST Alloys
Mild Steel

Applications :

Forced Draft
Induced Draft
Process Heat
Pollution Control
Gas Fired Power Plants
Ammonia Injection Skids
Coal-fired Power Plants
Natural Gas
Biomass/Biological Fuels
Petrochemical Processing
Lime Kilns
Internal Combustion Engines
Gas Turbines
Selected Catalytic Reduction


Fan Designs:

High Temperature Plug Fans

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