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New York Blower can meet the documentation and inspection requirements for fans and accessories classified in the nuclear industry as "Commercial".  In addition, when teamed with an AG-1 qualified supplier, NYB can furnish fans classified as "Important to Safety".   NYB supplies components to these system builders that require certified welding, detailed documentation/procedures, material traceability and ISO 9000 methods.

As an industrial nuclear containment fan supplier carrying the most comprehensive line of products, NYB is able to engineer individual, customized solutions for any application in the Nuclear industry. Our high-quality fans and blowers are the trusted choice in a number of key vertical markets, while also covering a wide spectrum of specific requirements for a variety of niche businesses. See the chart below for typical design features and available materials, or contact us to request a quote.

  • Advanced gas cooled reactors (AGR)
  • Auxillary systems
  • Battery room ventilation and exhaust
  • Cooling towers
  • HVAC/general exhaust and supply
  • Motor/turbine cooling
  • Nuclear processing plants
  • Nuclear waste treatment
  • Pebble bed modular reactors (PBMR)
  • Pressure water reactors (PWR)
  • Radioactive recovery
  • Reactor cooling


Design Features:

Low Leakage Construction/Testing
Documentation and Test Procedures
AG-1 Qualified Suppliers

Available Materials of Construction:

Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Carpenter 20

Applications :

General Ventilation

Fan Designs:

BC-2200 Fans 

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