Mechanovent Corporation Integrates Into New York Blower

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Mechanovent Corporation becomes part of
The New York Blower Company

In 1938, the Mathis Brothers (founders of nyb) renamed their original company Mechanovent Corporation. This subsidiary focused on manufacturing products for select OEM customers.

For over 125 years, nyb has been committed to total customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of their products and services. Mechanovent's current product offerings will still be available but sold under the New York Blower Company's name. To improve synergies between both organizations, Mechanovent’s products and services have been fully integrated into nyb’s operating systems as of May 15, 2018. The result is Mechanovent is now operating under the New York Blower Company’s name.

To ensure that our customers continue to receive the same high level of service and quality expected from both organizations, nyb has reorganized internally so Mechanovent customers receive the same support they have had in the past.


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