MAS Air Systems Integrates Into New York Blower

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MAS Air Systems becomes part of
The New York Blower Company

Back in September 2009, The New York Blower Company (nyb) acquired MAS Air Systems, LLC expanding nyb’s current product offering of premium-quality fans and blowers for both the industrial and process marketplaces.

For over 125 years, nyb has been committed to total customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of their products and services. The acquisition of MAS Air Systems further strengthens nyb’s position in the centrifugal, axial, process heat (up to 1,800° F) and custom-heavy industrial marketplace. The combination of MAS Air Systems’ experience with custom fan applications, fan repair and rebuilds along with nyb’s fabrication expertise allows us to better fulfill our customers’ needs.

To improve synergies between both organizations, MAS Air System’s products and services have been fully integrated into nyb’s operating systems as of September 1, 2017. The result is MAS is now operating under the New York Blower Company’s name.

To ensure that our customers continue to receive the same high level of service and quality expected from both organizations, nyb has constructed a new state of the art facility in New Castle, Pennsylvania. This new facility is designed specifically to fabricate, test, and inspect custom, highly specified centrifugal and axial fans for a variety of markets including nuclear, petro-chemical, bulk material processing and more. Facility specifications include:

  • 40 Ton Hoist Capability, 30" Hook Crane Height, 1,000 HP Test Block, 30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing area, ISO 9001 certification

This facility was completed as of October, 2018. Find our more information about this new facility here.  


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