Wheel Balancing

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At nyb we perform a series of tests to ensure optimal wheel balance in each of our fans. This is necessary when fabricating fans with low levels of vibration. Vibration always has been a good indicator of how well a piece of equipment was designed, installed, and maintained. With sophisticated, computerized, preventative maintenance programs, vibration can now also be used as a precursor of future maintenance requirements. Fans are subject to vibration because they have a high ratio of rotating mass to total mass and operate at relatively high speeds.

Unlike most mechanical equipment, there are two major causes for vibration in fan equipment. These are aerodynamic, having to do with airflow, and mechanical, having to do with rotating components, fasteners, and structural support. Our nyb engineering team has determined and set a strict criteria regarding vibration levels that are tested and required before any fan is delivered to ensure we give our customer the highest quality product possible. nyb balances all wheels to a minimum ISO G6.3 dynamic balance. In addition, nyb offers an optional tighter balance to G2.5  as well as G1.0 for some special applications, both complete with a certified balance report.

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