Temperature Testing

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Depending on the fan manufacturer, there are different methods and objectives for how and why to perform temperature testing. One method is to place a coating sample in a box furnace, which controls temperature within 15 degrees and can test fan coatings at temperature ranges from 80 - 2012 °F. Temperature testing is essential for testing fans that will deployed in applications where the equipment will be exposed to high heat, even for short periods of time. For equipment constructed from fiberglass-reinforced plastic, some customers also require a glass content test (burnout test).  In these tests, the fan’s base material is placed in the box furnace at 1000 °F. Once the plastic burns off, the percentage of glass content can be determined.

Temperature tests can be completed during the initial acceptance phase, to determine if a specific coating will stand up to the temperature demands of the application. For replacement units, temperature testing can be implemented if there is a change of coatings from the previous coating.

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