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In order to provide the best service possible to our customers worldwide, we have developed a comprehensive selection of engineering and application support tools.

Here you will find all the resources and information needed to keep your business moving forward.  From product specifications, to drawings and engineering letters, access all the information you need through our user-friendly Support section. It is the most convenient guide to the air-movement equipment you need.

If you can’t find the exact information you are looking for, or need additional details about a certain product or application, please contact your local New York Blower representative.

Interested in learning more about Industrial Ventilation?

Attending an Industrial Ventilation workshop can help. There are two simultaneous workshops being conducted: and, focusing on different areas depending on your level of experience and expertise. For more information, click here.

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Register for webinars to learn more about commonly asked questions about fans and to earn PDH (professional development hours).

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Customer Portal

Using a shop number, access fan's original paperwork and design specifications. Calculate new operating conditions automatically and order replacement parts.

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Beginner Resources

A helpful resource for all new users of industrial fans. Learn about different fan types, fan selection, and what other resources may help you start. Additional questions? Contact a rep today!

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Mobile App

Our mobile app allows customers to select a fan, retrieve fan documentation, order parts, contact their rep, and more.

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Product Bulletins

View or download all of our product bulletins in one place.

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Learn more about nyb products and services, industries and applications, and so many other topics more by reviewing our brochures.

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Engineering Letters

The NYB Engineering Letters are a collection of technical documents produced on a variety of fan-related topics.

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Rep Finder

We market our high-quality products through a worldwide network of experienced, knowledgeable sales representatives, partners, and licensees.

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Fan Selection Software

Fan‐to‐Size (F2S) allows customers the ability to select nyb fans without the need to download software.

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Online Drawing Package

Drawings on Demand can generate a fan drawing package specifically tailored to the user’s application requirements.

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Specs and Dimensions

Material specifications and dimensions have been extracted from the bulletins and presented here for quick reference.

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Maintenance Manuals

Manuals for proper installation, maintenance, and operation guidelines for all fans.

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Rotation and Discharge

Fan rotation is determined by looking at the fan from the drive end and following the direction in which the scroll expands.

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Centrifugal Arrangements

Description and visual explanation of arrangements for both direct and belt drive centrifugal fans.

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Axial Arrangements

Visuals and descriptions to better understand arrangements for both direct and belt drive axial fans.

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Common questions about industrial fans, systems, accessories, performance, and maintenance.

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Motor Positions

In order to supply the appropriate belt guard or u-base, the motor position relative to the fan must be specified.

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