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NYB product bulletin pages containing material specifications and dimensions information have been extracted from the bulletins and presented here for quick reference.

Air-Handling Fans - Axial
Duct Fans
Industrial Duct Fans
Tubeaxial Fans
Vaneaxial Fans
Vaneaxial Fixed Pitch Fans
Tubular Acoustafoil Fans
Propeller Fans - Model N
Propeller Fans - Model NYCxxxx
Air-Handling Fans -Backward Inclined Centrifugal
Backward-Inclined Single-Width Fans (AMCA Class 1, 2, 3)
Backward-Inclined Single-Width Fans (AMCA Class 4)
Backward-Inclined Double-Width, Double-Inlet Fans (DWDI)
Backward-Inclined SWSI  Arrangement 4 Fans
Backward-Inclined SWSI  Sizes 80 & 89 Fans
Utility Sets
General Purpose Fans
Junior Fans
Square Fans
High Capacity
AF Fans
BC Fans
High Pressure Backward-Curved Fans
Pressure Blowers
Pressure Blowers
Type HP Pressure Blowers
Compact Pressure Blower
BC Pressure Blower
Material Handling Fans - Radial
Compact GI Fans
General Industrial Series 20 Fans
General Industrial Series 30 Fans
General Industrial Series 45 Fans
Material Handling Fans - Radial Tip Fans
RTS Fans
Corrosion -Resistant Fans
FRP Fume Exhausters
FRP General Purpose Fume Exhausters
FRP Pressure Blowers
FRP Radial Fume Exhausters
Special Purpose Products
Plenum Fans
FA/EZ Plenum Fans
Plug Fans
Air Kits
Fan Accessories
Inlet Boxes and Inlet-Box Dampers for Centrifugal Fans
Outlet Dampers for Centrifugal Fans

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