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Sound Performance Testing

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Testing of fans is conducted in accordance with AMCA 300 Reverberant Room Method for Sound Testing of Fans.  This standard applies not only to the testing but also to the reverberant sound room used in measurement and reporting of those results.  We follow the example of the AMCA laboratory by collecting sound data points at the fan design point of operation.  Some design point may be beyond the capacity of the chamber or drive components.

The data is measured by laboratory grade pressure transducers and rotary torque sensors of varying measurement ranges to accommodate the differing maximum horsepower and pressure to be measured.  The sound is measured by a random incident microphone mounted to a rotating boom that revolves twice around in 64 second average.  Each measurement of pressure and torque is redundantly verified by other equipment within the test setup.  A minimum 8 channels of data are averaged for 5 seconds and collected the point of operation being tested.  This results in 2,000,000 points of data averaged for that single point figure 2 air data acquisition.  Add to that the sound pressure acquisition rate for the 64 seconds averaged of 3,200,000 points averaged and you have a very large very accurate set of data.

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