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Sewers and Water Tunnels

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Proper ventilation for sewers and water tunnels is essential to provide proper airflow, containment of fumes, and dispersion of gases into the atmosphere. Fans are used to exhaust or supply air and are exposed to a multitude of harsh chemicals, temperatures and mild abrasives.  To combat these corrosive environments, there are a number of solutions such as stainless steel construction, hot-dip galvanizing, and corrosion-resistant coatings. Fans are used in scrubber systems,  odor control, thermal oxidation, and general ventilation.

Design Features:

Vinyl Ester Resin, Polyester Resin, Spark Resistant Construction, Low Leakage Construction, Special Coatings, SST Construction, Aluminum Construction, Material Documentation

Available Materials of Construction:

Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Coated Carbon Steel

Fan Designs:

Duct Fans
Tubeaxial Fans
Vaneaxial Fans
Vaneaxial Adjustable Pitch Fans
Vaneaxial Fixed Pitch Fans
Propeller Fans
High Pressure Backward Curved Fans
General Purpose Fans
Series 20 GI Fans
Junior Fans
Compact GI Fans
Compact Pressure Blowers
AF30 Fans
BC Fans
RTS Fans
Pressure Blowers
BC Pressure Blowers

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