Noise Level Surveys

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Our experienced technicians come directly to your
facility, mine, or tunnel to provide a comprehensive noise
level survey of your fans and the surrounding area.

  • Complete Technical Noise Survey Report with a Noise Map
  • Near Field and Far Field Measurements
  • Background Sound Level Measurement and Assessment
  • Recommendations for Noise Mitigation
  • Sound Pressure Measurements in Linear, A, B, and C Scales
  • Sound Power Determination According to ISO 3746, ISO 3747, ANSI 12.36
  • Verification of Machinery Noise to ISO 4871



  • Absorption or Resonant Silencers on the Inlet or Outlet of the Fan(s)
  • Insulation and Lagging on the Noise Source
  • Noise Enclosures, Noise Walls, Landscape Mounds with Trees
  • Noise Cancellation technology



With over 130 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and testing fans in the laboratory and in-situ gives us the ability to effectively identify noise sources and recommend abatement solutions. Whether the noise source is in the near field from casings, expansion joints, seal leaks, or open airstreams, we have a variety of solutions to reduce the noise. Solutions can include acoustic cladding, sound enclosures, and design or operating modifications of the fan. We can map out the noise levels and offer abatement solutions for far field noise levels at property lines emitting from stacks, vents, or entire facilities. nyb offers absorption silencers, resonant silencers, and environmental solutions along with the above near-field solutions.

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