Mike Davidson

Name: Mike Davidson
Title: Software Architect
Years of Industry Experience: 31
Areas of Expertise: Software design, user interface design, database design, nyb product configuration and pricing

Mike joined The New York Blower in 1989 upon graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Engineering Mechanics. Mike began his career as a Design Engineer and Project Manager contributing to the design of the Duct, Tubeaxial, and Vaneaxial fans and later transitioned into Software Architect designing and programming New York Blower’s fan selection program, Fan to Size, order-entry system, Aura, and most recently was apart of the strong efforts on releasing Version 2.0 of our mobile app.  Mike currently serves on the AMCA Electronic Catalog Advisory Team and the ACGIH Committee on Industrial Ventilation.  He has presented on various engineering and software topics and annually presents on HVAC for Industrial Facilities at the University of Wisconsin Department of Engineering Professional Development.  In his spare time Mike enjoys, traveling, reading and watching movies.

You can reach Mike at +1.630.794.5740

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