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Continuing to Expand throughout the World

The New York Blower Company has manufacturing facilities and representative offices in several countries, and continues to expand operations through partnerships and aquisitions. We have over 630,000 ft2 of manufacturing space in the United States, and over 200,000 ft2 internationally. We also have the largest accredited AMCA laboratory in the United States. Contact your local representative or our International Sales Manager for more information on nyb's manufacturing and distribution network for global customers.

Australia - Melbourne

AirEngNew York Blower is the parent company of AirEng Pty Ltd. AirEng specializes in manufacturing centrifugal and axial fans, side channel blowers, and primary, secondary, and hurricane auxiliary fans for mining applications. Contact info- Website:   Phone: +61 3 9738 1999   Email:

New Zealand - Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch and Australia - Melbourne

Windsor EngineeringNew York Blower is the majority owner of Windsor Engineering. Windsor is a multifaceted company with products ranging from heat exchangers, kiln manufacturing and monitoring, air pollution control, material handling, and engineering and servicing capabilities.Contact info- Website:   Phone: +64 4 232 8080   Email:

Singapore and Malaysia

AirtradeNew York Blower is minority owner of Airtrade Systems. Airtrade offers ventilation products for industrial and commerical projects, marine shipbuilding, and repairs and offshore industries. Contact info -   Phone: +65 6262 1672   Email:

Suqian, China

Suqian buildingNew York Blower Suqian is a joint venture between New York Blower and Airtrade located in Suqian, China. In addition to the manufacturing faiclity, multiple representatives were added throughout China to help facilitate sales. Some items assembled here include Compact GI's, HPPBs, DWDIs, Plug Fans, General Purpose fans, and wheels. More information can be found in the news release.

Taipei, Taiwan and Kunshan, China

Kunstoff Kunstoff is a sales representative authorized to manufacture and distribute New York Blower products. For more information, visit their website.

Philippines - Niagara

NiagaraThis is a New York Blower licensee, with an agreement dating back to 1994. 



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