Engineering Letters

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The NYB Engineering Letters are a collection of technical documents produced on a variety of fan-related topics.

Number Subject PDF name
1 System Calculation EL-01.pdf
2 Fan Laws and System Curves EL-02.pdf
3 Understanding Fan Performance Curves EL-03.pdf
4 Temperature and Altitude Affect Fan Selection EL-04.pdf
5 Fan Performance - The System Effect EL-05.pdf
6 Increasing Fan Performance EL-06.pdf
7 Field Testing of Fan Systems EL-07.pdf
8 Proper Selection of Pressure Blowers EL-08.pdf
9 Pneumatic Conveying EL-09.pdf
10 Fans and Blowers for Combustion Process EL-10.pdf
11 Selection Criteria for Fan Dampers EL-11.pdf
12 Fan Acoustics EL-12.pdf
13 Fan Balance and Vibration EL-13.pdf
14 Stainless Steel Specifications for Fan Equipment EL-14.pdf
15 Practical Limits of Spark-Resistant Construction EL-15.pdf
16 Corrosion-Resistant Coatings for Fan Equipment EL-16.pdf
17 Coating Surface Preparation Specifications EL-17.pdf
18 Corrosion Resistance of FRP Fans EL-18.pdf
19 Design and Construction of NYB FRP Fans EL-19.pdf
20 Accessories and Construction Modifications for FRP Fans EL-20.pdf
21 Surface Veil for FRP Fans EL-21.pdf
22 Integral Motors for Centrifugal Fans EL-22.pdf
23 Electric Motor Codes and Standards EL-23.pdf
24 Fundamentals of Steam EL-24.pdf
25 Industrial Steam Heating Systems EL-25.pdf
E Miscellaneous Engineering Data EL-E.pdf
G Engineering Letter Glossary EL-G.pdf
00 Index (in PDF) EL-00 Index.pdf

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