Air Performance Testing

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Testing of fans is conducted in accordance with AMCA 210 Laboratory Methods of Testing Fans for Certified Aerodynamic Performance Rating.  This standard applies not only to the testing but also to the measurement chamber and reporting of those results.  We follow the example of the AMCA laboratory by collecting 10 equally spaced data points along the fan curve from near wide open to near closed off.

The data is measured by laboratory grade pressure transducers and rotary torque sensors of varying measurement ranges to accommodate the differing maximum horsepower and pressure to be measured.  Each measurement is redundantly verified by other equipment within the test setup.  A minimum of 8 channels of data are averaged for 5 seconds and collected for each data point along the curve.  This results in 20,000,000 points of data averaged for a 10 point figure 12 air performance test.

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