Steve Nelson

Name: Steve Nelson
Title: Fan Consultant
Years of Industry Experience: 50
Areas of Expertise: troubleshooting, custom fans, testing, fan applications, field service

Steve has always had a passion for helping industrial customers tailor heavy industrial fans to their unique applications. Previously, he worked for Barron Industries, TLT Babcock, NYB Process Fans, Southern Research Institute and Zurn Air Systems Divison. Steve has held a wide variety of positions but most recently assisted the Technical Service Group of nyb by reviewing specifications, advising on fan design and managing API jobs. He has presented on a variety of topics including general fans and systems, solving fan problems, and shaft and bearing selection. Steve graduated from the University of Alabama-Birmingham with a BSE degree. He is also in the process of writing a book about fans to pass his knowledge onto future generations.

You can reach Steve at

Additional Articles:

Understanding Fan Problems and Optimizing Rotor Dynamics - POWER magazine (May 2020)

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