NYB Partners with Licensee for Global Manufacturing

NYB expands its non-US manufacturing capabilities.

NYB International Sales has always supplied the non-US markets with high quality products and excellent customer service. However, in recent years these markets have begun to sacrifice quality in order to save on cost, especially in Asia. Since local Asian manufacturing operates on lower labor costs and freight expenses, NYB's US-manufactured products could suffer a cost disadvantage.

To remedy this, our International Sales Manager, Will Kelly, has been working with our foreign licensees to make them manufacturing arms of NYB proper. In one such case, NYB received several large orders and was able to manufacture these fans through our licensee in The Philippines. Due to local content and greatly reduced shipping rates, the cost of the Philippine-made fans allowed us to remain competitive, and still offer the level of quality that our international customers have come to expect.

Due to the tremendous growth in Asia, NYB International Sales predicts this type of manufacturing model will be utilized more often to obtain completive projects. NYB is pleased with the excellent workmanship and cooperation amongst our licensees and foresees these partnerships becoming more common and a bigger part of our global business.