HDA Fans and Replacement Parts

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HDA Fans, Inc. originally began as Aerotech, a fan manufacturer with facilities in St Charles and Joliet, Illinois. They mostly manufactured axial high temperature plug fans and wheel balancing units. In the early 1990's, the company's focus shifted, and HDA Fans, Inc. was founded in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. HDA Fans, Inc. mostly produced fans for RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) and high temperature applications. These fans were commonly used in the glass industry and in other applications where customized fans were the only solution.

While HDA Fans, Inc. is no longer operational, The New York Blower Company has all of HDA's order acknowledgements and drawings and is still able to provide service to these fans and build replacement units or parts. By using drawings from old orders, technology such as 3D scanning and PMI (positive material identification), and other methods of engineering analysis, nyb can decide to replace, repair, or retrofit fans. For more information, please contact your local representative for more information.

Types of fans supplied by HDA Fans, Inc. include:

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