Doug Jones

Name: Doug Jones
Title: Fan Engineer
Years of Industry Experience: 14
Areas of Expertise: engineering, mechanical design, rotor dynamics, sleeve bearings, custom fans

Doug has been involved with engineering custom fans and blowers for most of his career. He currently works as a Project Engineer for Heavy Industrial and Custom Fan orders, provides engineering support for these customers, and assists in the development of engineering standards and work instructions to improve efficiency. His previous work experience includes being a Senior Design Engineer for Howden North America and Harsco Rail. He graduated with a MSME from Clemson University and BSME from Clarkson University. Some of his other training includes Management Mastery, NDT Training, and RBTS Rotordynamics Training. His most recent presentations included topics like Coal Fired ID Fans and Sleeve Bearings.

You can reach Doug at and +1.803.622.2210.

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