Brochures and White Papers

You can view or download our literature using the links below. If you prefer paper literature, please email a request to NYB @ If there is a topic not covered that you need more information about, please contact nyb.

Trifolds - Industry Specific
Fans for Boiler/HRSG Ammonia Injection Systems (HI-T01)
Mining & Ventilation Systems (HI-T02)
Nuclear Fans & Blowers (HI-T03)
Fan Maintenance Made Easy (HI-T04)
Heavy Industrial Fan Selection (HI-T05)

Repair, Rebuild, Replace (HI-010) - examples of previous jobs, explanation of services
Cement & Lime Industries (HI-020) - applications, examples of fans, and design features
Iron, Steel & Metals Industries (HI-030) - applications, examples of fans, and design features
Nuclear Fans (HI-040) - applications, codes and standards, and testing capabilities
Mining & Ventilation (HI-050) - pictures of previous fans in mining applications
KDS Brochure - Continuous Drying Kilns (CDK) model features
Order Replacement Parts Online - diagram of axial and centrifugal fan parts (exploded view)

Educational Pieces
Aftermarket Services (HI-200) - common problems, testing capabilities, customer requirements
nyb's Legacy of Companies (HI-210) - previous aquisitions and partnerships through nyb's history
Incoterms (HI-650) - explanation of what they are and how to use them
USA Manufacturing Locations - description of all nyb manufacturing and lab locations in the United States


Global Mining Review, January/February 2020 - Steve Back discusses important selection criteria when evaluating ventilation systems for underground mines. 



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