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Custom Products and Services Guide

NYB offers a variety of custom products and services in addition to our standard fans. This guide highlights the variety of custom engineered fans and blowers along with their design features. Some products include repair and rebuild jobs, high temperature fans, and some unique testing and balancing capabilities.

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Drawings on Demand

The Electronic Drawing Library on the website has been replaced with Drawings on Demand. This new program allows users to generate a fan drawing package specifically tailored to the user's application requirements. Included are the abilities to select the fan's rotation, discharge position, accessories, motor frame size and u-base.

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NYB is proud to announce Fan-to Size (F2S) Online.  This new fan selection program allows customers the ability to select nyb fans without the need to download software.  In addition, users can use their tablets to operate F2S Online.

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ECF Plug Fans

NYB is pleased to announce the addition of ECF wheels to the plug fan line. This new product utilizes the ECF-9 airfoil wheel to enhance the Plug Fan's flexibility, making it easier to select the correct Plug Fan for specific application requirements. Similiar to the AcF Plug Fan, it is available in Sizes 18 through 60.

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